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Tripping Down the Loop Trail

We recently spent the weekend in the middle of the Everglades.  After setting up camp at the Midway Campground, we hopped in the car and began our exploration of the “Loop Road”

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Does It Snow in Florida?

As we hunkered down to prepare for the near freezing temperatures this weekend, I decided to do a little research into rother times in our state’s history when the mercury dipped down into the

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What’s In a Name? From Crescent Beach to Fort Myers Beach

What’s in a name?  According to Shakespeare, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  It wasn’t that easy for the early developers of

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Swamp Fever at Babcock Ranch

 We spent the morning taking the Eco Tour at Babcock Ranch.  Although I have been living in SW Florida for over 60 years, this was my first trip to the ranch.  We had a wonderful time

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