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Dated: April 3 2020

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Matthew Samko

I'm originally from NY. I moved here to have a little slice of paradise. I don't come from much so me drive to be successful is much stronger than any other. There is no excuses. I will get the job do....

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History Corner: Early Developments and Subdivisions on Fort Myers Beach

C. Case The early part of the 20th century brought more development as subdivisions were platted on Fort Myers Beach.  H.C. Case platted the first of these subdivisions in 1911. 

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Before Disney, There Was Silver Springs

Long before Disney World, Silver Springs was one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions. In its heyday, the crystal clear waters of Silver Springs attracted more than one million

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Valentine's Day Fascinating Facts

Every year, on February 14, couples around the world honor their sweethearts with candy and flowers.  Today's Valentine's Day customs go back hundreds of years.  Here are a few fascinating

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